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The True North Leadership Group is dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, NGO’s and communities understand and integrate responsible leadership at all levels.  We believe that everyone has the potential for leadership and that individual fulfillment and organizational survival hinge on the ability to tap this potential.  We fulfill this mission through leadership coaching, training, education, consulting and research into both the nature of responsible leadership and the methods by which it is most effectively developed.

LEADERS are not born . . .

They develop.

Leaders know the way, go the way


Leadership is practiced not so much in words

as in attitude.
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Strategies That Work

Death by Fire or Death by Hanging
Death by Fire or Death by Hanging

Things were unraveling fast. Insanity had gripped the country. Every way he turned was blocked. All options were bad, and the cavalry was not coming over the hill. The country was on a sure path to war. If President Lincoln placates the South, he looses Northern support. If he embraces Northern sentiments, the South walks! If it’s true that leadership…

Getting the Best out of your Team
Getting the Best out of your Team

I was in Chicago a few years ago for the Global Leadership Summit, which in my humble opinion is the best of the best when it comes to leadership conferences. That particular year was over the top with “giants” from the leadership world. There was Jim Collins, best selling author of the block buster business book “From Good to Great”;…

Coached for Success
Coached for Success

Put on the table your personal pick of the most skillful and celebrated sports teams of all time, no matter the sport, and you’ll find one thing they all have in common: a highly skilled coach. Great coaching is indispensable for peak performing teams. Great coaches have an uncanny way of helping a team play at peak levels. Take for…

What People Say


Michael Spann

The True North Leadership Group conducted a three-day offsite for our senior management team. The discussions were sometimes tense and uncomfortable, but the team from True North got our team to open up, conduct honest assessments and share team concerns. Their ability to navigate difficult team terrain is exceptional.

Michael Spann

Atlanta, GA
Andre Campbell

The True North Leadership Group has transformed the trajectory of our organization in record time! As a result, we have gone from a downward spiral of dysfunction and mistrust into an environment that treasures dialog and the creation of synergy. Our time with TNLG was not only valuable, but it has positioned us as a more focused team with a clear vision for our future and a grand strategy to implement and achieve it.

Andre Campbell

Tampa, FL
Courtney Ray, PhD

My colleagues and I have truly benefitted from the expertise of the True North Leadership Group, especially their amazing ability to drill down, ascertain an organization’s needs, and address them competently.  True North’s recommendations are timely, practical and effective. They are unparalleled in their coaching and consulting.

Courtney Ray, PhD

New York, NY
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